Our fight for the freedom to hope doesn't end with a successful rescue. Restore supports those freed to thrive, not just survive, with trusted programs and resources to avoid the cycle of re-victimization, or being traumatized again.

Restore Dignity

$40 can support one survivor for one day in aftercare. Donations are used to fund education, vocational training, professional trauma counseling, legal fees, and more.


Educating yourself on human trafficking can go a long way in fighting it. Use this list for a starting place as you work to learn more: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes – Human TraffickingPolaris, Global Slavery Index, or National Center for Mission and Exploited Children. You can also listen to our podcast episode with Stephanie Freed from Rapha International, an organization that provides aftercare for children around the world who have been rescued from human trafficking.

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Run a supply drive for a local aftercare, women’s, or homeless shelter. 

Often times, facilities that support victims of human trafficking need additional resources to provide for the needs of the individuals in their care. Contact a facility near you and learn what items they need. You may be able to provide much needed support and relief. 

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With the Match Program, you can help survivors in your local community to find the care they need to thrive.

Many nonprofits are committed to providing resources to trafficking survivors and other trauma survivors. When you find a qualifying organization or shelter in your community that supports survivors, you can apply to have dōTERRA Healing Hands match all the funds you raise through The Match Program.

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