Bakgoni Camp

Empowering Youth
Established 2016

Empowering South African Youth
In partnership with Regan Plekenpol

% of
$10,000 target
$ 10,334
Ended 14th June 2019
"Bakgoni" means "capable people," which is exactly what this camp aims to promote in young people. There is a growing need for young people in South Africa to have the mindset that they are capable of creating the future they want without needing someone else to do this for them. This camp aims to provide these experiences, training, mentoring, and environment for them to take the next steps into creating the income and life they want. This campaign will help InSite establish the Bakgoni Camp, a mentorship camp for youth, at the Bashumi Farm in South Africa. Bashumi Farm is a collaborative farming initiative managed by unemployed and self employed women. All donations up to the target amount will be matched by the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.