Bakgoni Learning Center

Skill Center
Support Learning

Stichting Reckoning
In partnership with Regan Plekenpol

% of
$9,500 target
$ 2,421
Ended 31st January 2020
This fundraiser will assist in the establishment of a learning center for residents of Enkanini and Kayamandi (South Africa) to learn the practical skills of traditional farming and aquaponics. Enkanini is an informal settlement on the back end of Stellenbosch South Africa. There are little governmental services, and most people live in abject poverty 2 km away from one of the wealthiest upper-middle-class cities in South Africa. The Bakgoni Agricultural Learning center will be a collaborative initiative with Kaymandi High School, InSite SA, and the community of Enkanini that will teach others how to farm with aquaponics alongside traditional farming so that residents who live in abject poverty in urban areas can grow their own food for themselves and to sell.