Brazil School Renovation Project

Supporting Children

Co-Impact Sourcing
In partnership with doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing

% of
$20,000 target
$ 3,450
Ended 27th October 2020
The middle school São José do Maratá is located in the city of São José do Sul, at Vale do Caí county, the cradle of citrus farming in Rio Grande do Sul state. The school was constructed 61 years ago and currently has 130 students. One of their main philosophies is to provide access to farming skills and teach them to value the rural activities by research project realized on field trips on citrus farms. There are approximately 1,000 families living on this community and its surrounding area. Around 90% of these families are rural workers and their main source of income is the citrus business. On June 31, 2020, the school was partially destroyed by a fire. This fundraiser was set up to renovate the school to provide continued support for the children of these Co-Impact Sourcing farmers.
Aftereffects of the school fire

Aftereffects of the school fire

View of the fire from afar

View of the fire from afar