Big Dreams Tour

Global Health
Supporting Children

Children's Cancer Research Fund
In partnership with Katrina Potter and Megan Gannon

% of
$5,000 target
$ 1,190
Ended 21st October 2020
This year, strict isolation measures prevented the Big Dreams Tour from reaching patients and students in person; luckily, innovation has never been a problem for James Orrigo, founder of Outside the Music Box and the Big Dreams Tour. The vision for the Big Dreams Tour has moved virtual! James has developed a technology platform that will create an experience similar to Outside the Music Box but protect patients’ safety. Cancer patients and recent survivors will receive Oculus virtual reality headsets equipped with a cloud-based platform that allows James to “tour” the virtual setting for the patients’ videos and create projects that are uniquely theirs. The patients and their families will then have access to both the music videos and a “behind the scenes” look at the video recording session. This is often an important keepsake for families and patients as they can take a positive memory out of time of otherwise difficult health struggles; sometimes, these music videos serve as happy remembrance of a child who has passed away from cancer. Children’s Cancer Research Fund has identified 10-12 patients who will participate in this virtual experience and create a video with James this year.