Cocoon House

Support Education
Empower Women

Maternity Group Home
In partnership with Kylene Lessig Lund

This project will support education and prevention programs for, and provide doTERRA products for hygiene kits to, a maternity group home for homeless teens in Everett, Washington.

More than a third of the homeless population is younger than 24. The Cocoon House in Snohomish County, Washington, decided to do something about it. They’re breaking the cycle for thousands of young people by providing housing for the homeless, as well as their children, and at-risk youth.

In addition to shelter, they help homeless and runaway youths continue their education, prepare for employment, and find long-term housing. Specialists at Cocoon House serve as youth advocates, conduct outreach programs, provide drug and alcohol treatment, offer mental health counseling, help LGBTQ youths, and actively work to prevent gang participation.

Kimberly Grantier lives in Washington, near where the Cocoon House is located. When she heard of the organization, she knew it was an opportunity to do something beautiful and necessary for these children. Together with her team, she raised money and collected doTERRA® products to support the efforts of the Cocoon House. With matching help from the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®, they were able to double their contributions.

The money raised by Kimberly’s campaign will be used to pilot a summer camp program for homeless youth. This camp will include activities, classes, workshops, cultural experiences, and outdoor recreation opportunities. The youth served by this program will be shown new ideas, experiences, and ways of life. Along with supporting the pilot program, Kimberly wanted to give the young people at Cocoon House something to lift their emotional and mental burdens. She knew that calming and centering essential oils could help lighten those burdens. She and her team collected doTERRA essential oils like Wild Orange, Lavender, Hope® Touch, Align, Serenity®, and the Emotional Aromatherapy® blends. They also provided products like the On Guard® line and Natural Deodorant to help alleviate physical burdens.