Emotional Super Powers

Hope to Belong

Pursue 2020 Connection
In partnership with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

% of
$30,000 target
$ 265
Ended 12th December 2020
All over the world children are in emotional crises. Even the CDC estimates 1 in 6 Americans have suffered from childhood neglect or trauma. When a child doesn’t know how to share what’s happening in their inner world, heavy emotions and dark thoughts may show up as anxiety, depression, behavior issues, or self-harm. Hope lies in the development of emotional intelligence. When a child learns that their emotions matter and they carry messages of wisdom, then children can grow into emotional superheroes! Your donation to this project will allow 400 children to develop their own Emotional Super Powers. Through collaborating organizations, the Emotional Super Powers program and support training will provide parents, caretakers, and leaders, with the power to model emotional wellness to children for years to come. For more information on the Hope to Belong campaign, please visit doterrahealinghands.org/hope