Free for Life International

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Border Monitoring Program
In partnership with Dianna Smith

% of
$8,780 target
$ 8,983
Ended 23rd August 2019
It is estimated that there are more people enslaved in India than any other country in the world. The crushing weight of poverty in India and Nepal creates a vulnerability to the tactics of human traffickers. A false job offer or fraudulent marriage is often all it takes to convince someone to travel away from their village and leave behind all networks of support. With low rates of female literacy and employment, opportunities are rare and early marriages remain common. Additionally, long-held cultural attitudes towards women make them subject to high levels of gender-based violence and discrimination as second-class citizens. Free for Life's Border Monitoring Program was created to rescue women and girls from human trafficking along the border between Nepal and India. This fundraiser will provide food, shelter, medical attention, and educational materials for rescued girls, as well as provide supplies needed to maintain the station and transitional shelters.