Greenlight Operation

Anti-Human Trafficking

Restoration Home
In partnership with Sarah Bland-Halulko

% of
$15,000 target
$ 15,443
Ended 29th November 2019
Greenlight Operation is an anti-human trafficking group in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. We help provide education to the public, first responders, and are in the process of opening a holistic restoration home for survivors of human trafficking. We will help 5-8 women for 6-12 months find healing and restoration, and provide services to help them be successful beyond the program. This fundraiser will allow us to furnish the new restoration home.

It’s easy to pretend that human trafficking doesn’t happen in your town. But the numbers say it does. Greenlight Operation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, refused to turn a blind eye. These individuals focus on providing education to the public and first responders in order to identify and rescue trafficking victims. After that, they work to help survivors heal.

Greenlight Operation is currently raising funds to build a home for survivors of human trafficking. When completed, this home will house five to eight women long-term while they heal. In Harrisburg, there is no shelter specifically for trafficking survivors. Too often, survivors find short-term care but then have nowhere to go, ending up on the street or back with traffickers. Greenlight Operation’s restoration home will stop the cycle from repeating. By providing individualized, holistic care—including trauma therapy and counseling—they can help each survivor regain an independent life.

When Wellness Advocate Anna Knaub was introduced to Greenlight Operation, she realized exactly how serious the problem is. There are an estimated 40 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. A heartbreaking 99 percent of those individuals aren’t rescued. That is why the work Greenlight Operation does is so important. Members of the organization are confident that when people are aware that human trafficking exists in their communities, they’ll take action to fight it.

Anna knows how important Greenlight Operation’s restoration home is. The life expectancy for women trapped in sex slavery is just seven years. Every week that passes is too long for those women. To speed up the process, Anna organized a fundraiser, collecting money and doTERRA® products to support the goals of the restoration home. Then she reached out to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®, which matched every dollar and product, doubling the contribution to Greenlight Operation.

Thanks to Anna and her team, every woman who enters the restoration home will have a full set of personal doTERRA products. These natural and safe products will help them on their journey as they work through their emotions and trauma. By the end of the fundraiser, almost $5,000 worth of products were donated for the home. With the donations of these products, Greenlight Operation can allot other funding toward things like equine therapy for survivors.

When completed, the restoration home will be the first of its kind in the county. Working with their community, Greenlight Operation will continue fighting until they’ve turned every red-light district into a green one, and every trafficked person walks free.