Solola Home

Sustainable Project
Support Children

Guatemala Aid Fund
In partnership with Dawna Toews

% of
$13,742 target
$ 20,292
Ended 26th October 2019
Fatima Children's Home supports women with children that are victims of violence, as well as providing full-time home care for abandoned and abused children. Based on their success in creating this loving and sustainable home environment in Guatemala City, they are now expanding to the more rural Solola. This is a community based home-school project for the indigenous community in that area that cannot access the same support that is available in Guatemala City. Fatima Children's home prioritizes the education and life skill development of children, while implementing and teaching sustainable operational practices. Staff and children will maintain their indigenous language and culture and learn sustainable Guatemalan agricultural techniques and organic gardening and farming, while also learning modern sustainable practices like water filtering and re-use for health and conservation. Funds donated to this project will be used to build the Solola Home and school.