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Mission Womanhood
In partnership with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

% of
$5,351 target
$ 5,765
Ended 08th May 2020
“Mission Womanhood, A Client Services Project” is an effort to assist women throughout  various phases and seasons of their womanhood/motherhood. This takes form in  providing free care consults by healthcare professionals (who are also wellness advocates)  and gifting women who visit Guiding Star Cedar Valley, a non-profit women’s healthcare  center in Waterloo IA, support packages (also known as “care kits”) to educate them about  their fertility, to celebrate their pregnancies, to grieve alongside them in their losses, and to  encourage them throughout their labor and delivery. The request for funds is to support  the cost of the care kits Guiding Star provides. Guiding Star Cedar Valley is partnered  alongside a medical practice and other life-affirming care providers in the Cedar Valley such  as breastfeeding consultants, pregnancy centers, and doulas.