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Rohingya Refugee Skill Center
In partnership with doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

% of
$6,600 target
$ 6,700
Ended 07th June 2019
We are building a women skills center for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. In this refugee camp, the beneficiaries will learn to do sewing and tailoring with proper equipment. This will allow women to have tailoring be a source of income and allow them to afford the minimum basics with money. Since 25 August 2017, an estimated 12,00,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed the border into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The distressed and traumatized displaced population – approximately 51 percent of which are women and girls – live in terrible conditions and lack adequate food, water, sanitation, medical care and access to their livelihoods and assets. The crisis situation disproportionately affects women, girls and the most vulnerable and marginalized Rohingya refugee population groups (based on gender, age, marital status, sex of household head, mental and physical disabilities, sexual orientation and gender identity) by reinforcing, perpetuating and exacerbating pre-existing, persistent gender inequalities, gender-based violence and discrimination. There are very few opportunities for earning money inside the camp. Therefore, they are unemployed and frustrated. The sewing center is critical to helping them improve the conditions of their lives.