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Covid Relief
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Days for Girls Mask Project
In partnership with Andy Goddard

% of
$15,000 target
$ 15,000
Ended 19th June 2020
Hutchings Museum and Institute has partnered with Days For Girls, an organization that distributes kits of reusable feminine hygiene products, educates girls about the importance of staying in school, teaches girls about avoiding sex trafficking and prostitution, and most recently, makes and distributes face masks to help in the fight against COVID-19. Hutchings Museum and Institute serves as an official center for Days for Girls. Each Saturday, people from the local community can go to Hutchings Museum to help assemble feminine hygiene kits. The assembly of hygiene kits and sewing of face masks can also happen in people’s homes after they pick up the materials from the Hutchings Museum. The Museum also helps Days for Girls in their program curriculum and training. The Museum has recorded the Days for Girls curriculum into six different languages for better online access. Currently, the Museum is assisting Days for Girls to create video instructions on how to sew face masks for COVID-19. The Museum also distributes the feminine hygiene kits whenever they go on an expedition. Last year, the first feminine hygiene kits were distributed in Mongolia, where girls missing school during menstruation is a widespread and serious problem. Part of our mission at Hutchings Museum and Institute is to make history. Our work with Days for Girls allows us to make history by providing these resources for girls around the world