Fight Human Trafficking

Fight Human Trafficking
In partnership with doTERRA Healing Hands

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$10,000 target
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Ended 26th February 2021
Today, more than 40 million people are trafficked worldwide for sex exploitation and labor. Nearly 10 million are children. When you give to HOPE, you are giving hope to children who can't help themselves.

As a mother, I can’t imagine anything worse than what happens to children/teens who are being trafficked for sexual exploitation and child labor. This is a GLOBAL CRISIS! It is a CRIME, and it deserves global attention! When you donate to HOPE, you are helping with Prevention, Rescue, and Aftercare for children/teens. Be part of the solution to fight against child trafficking and donate now. BE A PART OF THE RESCUE!


Giving is not about making a donation, it is about making a difference! Giving is not about being charitable, it is giving hope! Only by Giving you will receive MORE. I feel so blessed to be a able to Give back! Join us!