Mommy Matters

Empowering Women
Global Health

Therapeutic Play Foundation
In partnership with Holly Olmstead

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$29,997 target
$ 21,100
Ended 14th November 2020
Women of color, especially when they are in the low‐income bracket, are more likely to have fragmented care surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. One in five women will face perinatal mental health issues, yet the women TPF seeks to treat will not have access screening or access to informed treatment. High‐risk families often get their health care through multiple service systems that do not interact with each other. This makes getting proper care confusing and frustrating. The wraparound service in the Mommy Matters program addresses this discrepancy in care. This project will establish the Maternal Health Outreach Support Squad to support the mental and physical health of pregnant and parenting mothers of color and their families in the United States.