Cooperative Outreach of India

Covid-19 Relief
Global Health

Ocotillo Foundation
In partnership with Joy Tarpley and G. Luke McKinnon

% of
$15,000 target
$ 15,105
Ended 15th July 2020
When I traveled to India on mission, I learned first hand of their extreme poverty. I witnessed their desperation. I had the opportunity to serve the needy along side my Indian friends who run a non-profit cooperative in Delhi. Due to the COVID lockdowns, I have been informed that the need for food is substantial. My friends with Cooperative Outreach of India have reached out and requested any assistance available. I am happy to submit photographs of their situation and their efforts to feed as many people as possible during this time. Many more people will be thrown into desperate situations as a result of being out of work and having no money for food. I would like to provide financial assistance to COI in an effort to expand their efforts to provide meals to locals and migrant workers traveling back to their villages.