Operation Underground Railroad

Anti-Human Trafficking
Supporting Children

doTERRA enrollment fundraiser
In partnership with Brittany Leal

% of
$2,500 target
$ 50
Ended 01st October 2020
Human Sex Trafficking is an evil, tragic reality, and something we need to pay attention to and STOP. There are millions of people currently being trafficked all around the world including some of our most vulnerable beings, children. We can not even begin to fathom or imagine the despair these people must endure from these evil acts of slavery. But there is hope. O.U.R's partnership with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has helped to aid in operations to not only rescue victims but also aid in resources for their aftercare program. Myself along with doTERRA rep Brittany Leal are excited to help contribute to this incredible cause while also helping others learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle.