Supporting Children
Family Workshop

Family Farm
In partnership with Ronela Clep and Dina Todeasa

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$13,664 target
$ 13,664
Ended 29th July 2020
This project will help to supply the non profit organization Pas cu Pas with funding to add a green house, complete the yard with playground, and build workshops for the Pas cu Pas Center that supports 300 institutionalized children in Romania.

A loving family, warmth and support are things that every child should experience coming into this world. Unfortunately, for various reasons, some children are abandoned ending up in orphanages and other child protection establishments. These children and youth often have emotional/mental health issues and learning disabilities which are exacerbated by attachment disorders and abuse. No wonder many of them have a hard time leading normal lives and staying out of trouble.

Pas cu Pas (eng. Step by Step) Foundation has been helping orphans for over 20 years by creating a loving community where they can be celebrated and accepted, know themselves deeply, learn helpful skills and form deep friendships.

The Family Farm is a place where these children can flourish, receive guidance and affirmation while working side by side with volunteers in a community of friends. That is an experience many of them would never get elsewhere, while also learning valuable work skills and the importance of hard work.

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This amazing place is called The Family Farm because here, orphans feel at home and have the opportunity to relate to one another like a family would. It’s a place where they can feel safe, learn real life skills, and have others invest their time and energy into them, so they can experience long-term transformation in their lives.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes all of us to help the children and youth we work with to realize their unique value and find their way in life. The dream is to see them not only succeed and become self-sufficient but also become a real influence in their world.

Together we can change generations, step by step, drop by drop!