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Pig Farm Project
In partnership with Fountain of Hope

% of
$6,197 target
$ 6,197
Ended 16th February 2020
We are working with Fountain of Hope in seeking to establish a successful pig breeding industry at Dzaleka refugee camp, in Malawi. The pig breeding industry is highly viable to achieve rapid growth and economic impact given the productivity of pigs. Establishing a pig breeding industry will create wealth, lower poverty, improve crops production, build confidence and self-reliance for the beneficiaries, it will unlock the local economy, lower meat prices, and make a positive impact on the camp malnutrition problem. Pigs are very high reproductive potential and income generation cycle. They are very easy to feed because they are omnivores and therefore they can be fed on a large range of feeds. This project will involves multiple aspects including shelter, feeding, breeding, health and disease control, productivity, distribution.