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Hope Factory
In partnership with Erika Butler & Rick Henrard

% of
$15,000 target
$ 4,810
Ended 15th January 2020
The Hope Factory is a gentle program of active counseling and empowerment for war refugee women, the Yezidi women from northern Iraq, whose lives were shattered yet not broken whilst in the captivity of the Islamic State. The Yezidi women are living in refugee camps outside the village of Shariya, where they are cared for and treated by the Springs of Hope Foundation Center. Before the war, the village of Shariya was home to 10,000 people. Now, 20,000 locals and 20,000 Yezidi refugees call Shariya home. The Hope Factory women-empowerment center where Yezidi women will work, train, and gather safely will be built on land already given to Springs of Hope Foundation inside Shariya Camp. This campaign will provide work tables, sewing machines, design and creation of material goods and clothing to enable women to provide for their future and heal through creativity, beauty, and empowerment.