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Warrior Wellness Kits for Kids with Sickle Cell (Covid-19 relief)
In partnership with Freddy & Mandy Kuhn

% of
$4,575 target
$ 2,726
Ended 01st September 2020
Covid-19 has financially impacted many families and decreased the ability of many families to purchase necessities such as food. Unfortunately, when a child with sickle cell disease experiences prolonged states of hunger, this creates a stressor on the body and as a result can predispose the child to having sickle cell pain crisis. Funds raised will be used to provide grocery vouchers/gift cards and/or bill assistance (rent/utilities) to sickle cell families with school aged children to help provide food and offset expenses that may be limited due to lack of/decreased employment caused by effects of the Covid-19 virus.
Warriors are always stronger in number

Warriors are always stronger in number