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Sarah Hardie and her family have a long history of adventure and humanitarian efforts all over the world, but they have a special place in their hearts for Mozambique. Ginna (Hardie) Cross, this project’s Diamond Sponsor, volunteered to be a nurse in Mozambique in 2007. When her family visited her, everyone fell in love with the people and the culture. Together they have created the Garden Well Project - working with the community to provide irrigation systems, water access and garden kits.

Well established in Mozambique brings clean water and reliable irrigation.

Well established in Mozambique brings clean water and reliable irrigation.

“We decided that we would do our best to involve the community in the decision making process. We have started going into the village, interviewing families, and asking questions like: “What do you see as the problems your community is facing?” and “What are your gifts/talents/what do you enjoy doing?” and “If we could do things to help, what would they be?” The responses we got were for the most part very similar as to the needs of the community: Water.”

-Sarah Hardie, Wellness Advocate and Founder of the Garden Well Project

As Cross comes from a family with extensive farming background, her family recognized the significant amount of farming potential in the area when they traveled to Africa to visit her. Although they were unable to feasibly make improvements at that time due to substantial barriers including the locals’ lack of proper resources and knowledge about farming, relinquishing the idea of advancing agricultural techniques in an area with such promising potential was difficult for them.

“We brought them a few ideas and they were ecstatic to grab onto them and make them work. We’re just part of the way. They’re the ones that are going to change their country.”

-Josh Hardie

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