The PRASAD Project

Global Health
Emergency Relief

Covid-19 Relief in Rural India
In partnership with Dr. Josie Schmidt and Dr. M Cecilia Escarra

% of
$12,600 target
$ 12,600
Ended 01st December 2020
The PRASAD project supports Adivasi indigenous people in rural India with many services, including medical care, food security, and safe water. During this time of Covid-19, I wish to support PRASAD with funds to do more. One of the ways we can offer support is by helping to provide PPE for safe health care services and improve food security. PRASAD has a mobile medical clinic that goes out to rural areas and offers free medical services. PRASAD is also helping families to grow their own food and earn a living using organic seeds and saplings. This fundraiser will support a community of 300 Adivasi indigenous families in India that has been affected by Covid-19. With your help, we will provide food, water, and medical services!