Help Premature Babies in Syria

Action Club

Save Babies in Syria
In partnership with Child Houses

% of
$7,500 target
$ 5,815
Ended 30th September 2023
Over the last three years, Child Houses, an NGO in Syria, has saved over 400 unaccompanied and separated children living on the streets in West Syria and placed them with new loving families. Often Child Houses receive custody of abandoned babies in our emergency shelter in West Syria. At the moment there are several children who are in hospital due to the earthquake and have been handed over to Child Houses because their parents have died, or the fate of their parents is unknown. This includes premature babies. As a result of the disaster, many pregnant women give birth prematurely. Science has already done a lot of research into this and it is a natural reaction caused by trauma and stress. The hospitals in our area have indicated that incubators are urgently needed to help these babies. We are trying to get support to purchase 10 incubators. dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is a registered charity in the United States of America.