Restoring Hope and Justice

Anti Human Trafficking

Ukraine's First Children's Justice Center
In partnership with Ukraine Child Rescue Service

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$1,000,000 target
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Ended 31st December 2023
In a remarkable partnership between a team from Ukraine, led by Mykola Kuleba, the former Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights of Ukraine, and civic, business, and humanitarian leaders in Utah, a transformative mission to establish the first Children’s Justice Center (CJC) in Ukraine needs your support. Ukraine’s Children’s Justice Centers (CJC) will be dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating children who have suffered from sexual violence and child trafficking. The center will serve as a central hub as it unites law enforcement agencies, child protective services, medical and mental health professionals, victim advocates, and prosecutors. The need for a CJC has intensified as children in Ukraine now face an increased threat of sexual and physical violence, trafficking, and abduction. A CJC will help deliver hope and justice to Ukrainian children in need. Architectural plans are nearing completion on a building that has been secured and is ready for renovations. Now, funding is needed to move forward on this critical resource for children in Ukraine. Image by Sergio from Pixabay