Disaster Relief

Disaster relief efforts Ready to help

When a natural disaster strikes, we’re ready to send out aid and supplies to help individuals and families during displacement and the recovery of their community.


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Midwest Flooding: 2019

March of 2019 brought significant rainfall and turmoil to those living in the Midwest. The rain brought massive flooding to the Missouri River affecting Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas. It is estimated that these floods caused approximately $2.9 billion dollars worth of damage in Nebraska and Iowa alone. Not only were peoples homes destroyed but many had no access to power or clean water for days. Thanks to Wellness Advocates on the ground the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation was able to donate and distribute 8,800 72-hour emergency relief hygiene kits to those in states surrounding the Missouri River. While the damage done to the midwest will take years to rebuild we are grateful for the opportunity to provide relief to those living in affected areas.

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Malawi Kit Distribution

In March of 2019, Wellness Advocates from Malawi, Africa were reaching out to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to provide relief after massive flooding in the area. The flood caused more than 200,000 people to become displaced and caused many deaths. After several attempts we were finally able to ship 100 emergency relief hygiene kits to the DHL Chikwawa office. This was a success, however it was a considerable distance from the location of our Wellness Advocate. Our Wellness Advocate and his team drove five and a half hours to pick up the kits and return to his village where they were distributed. We are grateful for our Wellness Advocates who are always looking to help others. We are proud to support them in their efforts around the world.


California Wildfires

Wildfires ravaged the planet in 2018 with some of the largest wildfires impacting Northern California. The largest fires being the Camp Fire and the Hill and Woolsey Fires. These fires combined killed 91 people and burned approximately 250,000 acres across Northern California. As we began relief efforts it was amazing to see the amount of Wellness Advocates who desired to help. With their help we were able to distribute 8,020 emergency relief hygiene kits to people in need. Check out the link below to see our Wellness Advocates in action.

California Wildfire Video

Emergency relief kits

Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits

72-hour Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits are designed to help those who need it most during disaster situations. Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits are purchased and donated by U.S. Wellness Advocates and doTERRA International® and are quickly sent to partners for distribution in affected areas.

Guatemala Volcan de Fuego

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Relief

“My family passed Relief Kits to those camping or living in their cars this week. They were so grateful. Many expressed to me that emotions are high and it’s challenging to rest and relax. Thank you for bringing some relief to our community.”

-Cherie Brewer, Wellness Advocate

Cherie Brewer