Feminine Hygiene Education

Reaching potential Days for Girls

We partner with Days for Girls to provide quality, sustainable feminine hygiene supplies paired with education - empowering girls in developing countries with the support needed to attend school & work consistently - resulting in more opportunities to grow, thrive and contribute to society.

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School girls

Participation & contribution

Girls and women who don’t have access to sanitary supplies often miss school or opportunities for income, because they are unable to go about their daily tasks. Young girls may miss up to three months of school throughout the year.

Feminine Hygiene Kits

At the 2017 doTERRA Convention, more than 300 employees and Wellness Advocates assembled 5,110 hygiene kits, establishing a place in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™.

Dignity, health, and opportunity

“Our goal is to reach every girl, everywhere, period. There are so many things that are hard to change in this world. This isn’t one of them.”

-Celeste Mergens, Founder, Days for Girls

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