Supporting Children

Children in developing countries are 10x more likely to die before the age of five than children in developed countries, overwhelmingly often of preventable diseases. 56% of primary school age children globally fail to achieve a minimum level of learning. And 153 million children worldwide are orphans. Supporting children prepares the next generation of the world’s leaders.

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Supporting Children

Hope 4 The Harvest (3)

Hope 4 the Harvest

With a large majority of the world’s youth unable to attend school, providing the necessary resources for them to attend school is crucial to empowering the younger generations. With many schools in countries around the world being private, they require uniforms and notebooks for students to attend, which can be a financial hardship for families who are already struggling to provide basic necessities.

To help alleviate these financial hardships, Wellness Advocate Kamilah Asafa worked with Hope 4 the Harvest in Costa Rica to provide mandatory uniforms and notebooks for children living in low-income circumstances. With help from the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, Kamilah Asafa and Hope 4 the Harvest provided 767 school uniforms and notebooks for 200 children.

Pasitos de Luz (2)

Pasitos de Luz

Pasitos de Luz is a facility in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, where the staff strive for better health, education, and inclusion of children with special needs. Services include physical rehabilitation, occupation therapy, nutrition, special education, day care, and hydrotherapy. In 2019, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation funded physiotherapist treatments, hydroponic gardens, a plant nursery, a refurbished building and roof, a gazebo, a perimeter fence, stables for horse therapy, and backpacks for students attending this special school.

Wellness Advocates Dr. Darren and Kristi Taylor are on the board of directors at Pasitos de Luz. With their decades of experience in healthcare and rehabilitation, they’ve made a significant impact by working to make life better for the children of Pasitos. They instruct staff and volunteers on the proper use of essential oils, as well as on day-to-day usage.

With funding from the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, the Taylors have been instrumental in the repair and refurbishment of a school bus. After being in a state of major disrepair, this beloved bus is back in action, safely transporting children and staff members to Pasitos de Luz. Bus service is especially crucial for single-parent families, where driving a child with needs to school means the parent must take time off work to transport the child.

Kenya Primary School (2)

Kenya Primary School Improvements

In 2019, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation continued supporting the Mwamose Primary School and Kiwegu Primary School in Kenya. Funding from 2018 was used to expand both schools—including classroom and library construction—and to build a water storage tank and rainwater harvesting tank for each.

Additional updates to both schools were funded in 2019. For the Mwamose Primary School, 68 chairs, 12 tables, IT, printing, and books for the new library have been added. Wellness Advocates also visited the school in November to perform a service project. For the Kiwegu Primary School, a new toilet block (with 10 toilets) is currently under construction, which will provide a toilet for every 70 students at the school. A fence around the school perimeter is also underway. Wellness Advocates have had the chance to visit, as well during the November Co-Impact Sourcing expeditions.

Miracle Foundation (2)

Miracle Foundation

Presidential Diamond Dr. Zia and Ky Nix worked with the Miracle Foundation to ensure that 48 children, currently living in an orphanage in India, receive necessary care while transitioning to family placement. Each child received nutritious foods, clean water, academic education costs, healthcare, life skills education, aptitude testing and career counseling, mental health assistance, technology, supplies, and any other needed kinds of care.

Miracle’s “Child-First” approach is multifaceted, collaborative, and based in community. To ensure that every decision regarding the care of a child is made with his or her best interest in mind, the Miracle Foundation created a globally recognized, measurable, systematic, and scalable method of childcare and protection. This method is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.

Social Teahouse (2)

The Social Teahouse

With a Co-Impact Sourcing® initiative established for Lavender and Melissa essential oils in Bulgaria in 2016, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has participated in several Bulgarian humanitarian projects.

One such project was the continued funding for the Social Teahouse, a social enterprise and mentorship program dedicated to creating equal opportunities for children in Bulgaria as they age out of the orphanage system. At the Social Teahouse, youths between 14 and 18 learn the skills they need to develop an independent life when they leave the orphanage. They can work on personal and professional skills, receive job skills training and access to internships, and develop networking and job opportunities.

Rwanda School (1)

G.S. Mere du Verbe Kibeho

David Stirling made it possible for the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to assist with the construction of new dormitories at G.S. Mere du Verbe Kibeho, a school in Rwanda. These beautiful new facilities will help the students have a better, more effective learning environment. Sister Maria Marie Bridgette Uwizera, the school’s head teacher, said, “A good syllabus, food, and professional teachers alone cannot guarantee excellent grades from students if the housing facilities are in a sorry state. One has to have a good night’s sleep after schoolwork so as to be productive the following morning.”

Before the renovation, the school had no piped water. Students were using buckets to shower and do their laundry. The bathrooms were outside. Sleeping arrangements were uncomfortable, with many students not even having space to keep personal belongings. The renovated facilities have been fitted with new beds and mattresses, showers, sinks for laundry, and wardrobes so that every student has a place to keep belongings and an overall healthy environment to continue developing his or her mind and character.

Living Hope Educational Enterprises (1)

Living Hope Educational Enterprises

For many young children in Pakistan, education is a wish, not a reality. Some don’t live near a school. Others are turned away because of their religious beliefs. And some children must help support their families and are required to work instead of attending school.

Wellness Advocate Jenni Wilson chose to partner her nonprofit organization, Living Hope Educational Enterprises, with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to give a group of Pakistani children the educational opportunities they never knew were possible.

“We provided a school where there was none. We provided hope for education where there was none.”—Jenni Wilson

A Drop for Life

“One of our greatest desires when we started working with doTERRA®, was to participate in a doTERRA Healing Hands project and we never could have imagined that we would be able to create a project, alongside amazing people, that would help children in India.”