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Well Water Project
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The community of Montrouis, Haiti has no water supply. The people of the community have to walk 2 miles to get water each day. It is dangerous for the children to go get water as they usually get in fights and no supervision of adults for them. Maxene, in Haiti started a ministry to help the children of the community and their families. They help provide food, help pay for kids to go to school, get medical care, activities for the kids and so much more. I am asking for help to raise money to dig a well in their community. The DōTERRA healing hands foundation will match the money we raise dollar for dollar for the well to be dug and all the provisions for the well. This has been a dream of mine for A long time to help a community in a 3rd world country to provide oils and supplies. I have felt inspired and grateful to help these people. Please help us in this cause and help the people and children of this community in Haiti. Every little bit is helpful and Greatly Appreciated!