Land For A Permanent Home For the School of Living Hope

2.5 Successful Years
Serving 125+ Students

Educating Impoverished Children & Youth
In partnership with Living Hope Educational Enterprises

% of
$15000.00 target
4 days left
Our school is about to lose it's home! It is located by many poor children, who need education. Our lease is almost up & we can't renew it. There are no other buildings for rent in this area, and almost no land for sale usually. But right now, there is! I'm raising money to buy land for our school of 125+ children, so it can continue to have a home, and change generations of lives through education! Any donation will make an impact. Your contribution can save children from hard labor, starting to smoke, & continued poverty. Living Hope Educational Enterprises provides educational opportunities to underprivileged children in a rural area, who have little other educational opportunity or school to attend. 100% of donations goes directly to our school. YOU can help children in Pakistan, who need to get education, change generational illiteracy & poverty, and to improve their lives. They need our help now. Please help these children and contribute what you can today. Thank you!!