Dahlia's Hope Therapy Arena

Anti-Human Trafficking
Let's Make a Difference

Helping Survivors Begin Again
In partnership with Dahlias Hope Non Profit Inc.

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 31st December 2021
We have partnered with multiple doTERRA Teams in one huge effort to build a Therapy Arena for Dahlia's Hope. The Arena will be used for equine therapy and events supporting healing for women who are Survivors of human trafficking. Our campaign is raising funding for the siding, fascia and the plumbing of this much needed new building. When Survivors are rescued, Dahlia's Hope offers refuge, therapy, and all needed support and instruction to begin a new life. Then, Dahlia's Hope continues to be a resource, when needed, for the rest of her life. This Arena will be an integral part of succeeding in her healing, growth and joy! Isn't it wonderful that we really CAN make a difference!