Horses for Courage Reins

23 years Serving Children
150 clients per week

Grow the herd at Courage Reins to help Children in need of life-changing therapy!
In partnership with Courage Reins

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 12th August 2021
Courage Reins' is holding long waiting lists for its horsemanship and mental health programs as well as growing it's Occupational Therapy Practice at a rapid rate. One of the main things holding Courage Reins back is its herd of horses. While Courage Reins has amazing animals who serve incredibly well, there are many who have reached an age or physical ability that they need to be retired, and more horses are needed. The right horse for Courage Reins is not just any horse. Courage Reins needs unique physical, mental, and emotional characteristics in horses that most horses don't have. Please help Courage Reins with the funding to purchase incredibly unique and special animals to help children heal from physical, mental, and emotional challenges that they face.