Help Afghan Allies


Donate to Refugees in Urgent Need
In partnership with Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area Inc.

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 30th September 2021
In an effort to help the 420,000 Afghan Allies who have just arrived in the United States, we would like offer you the opportunity help collect 1200 $25 gift cards to be distributed directly to those in desperate need. We invite you to look around at the comforts of your life and imagine arriving in a foreign country with nothing but the shirt on your back. Imagine leaving your family behind in a life-threatening situation, saying goodbye to your homeland with no hope of returning. Imagine you are without food, friend, family, home, nothing! "The best medicine for despair is service," said world leader Gordon B. Hinckley. If you've found yourself in despair over the past year and a half, we invite you to feel the joy of service by giving to those around you who are in desperate need.