Mental Wellness for Public Safety Personnel

250,000 suffer PTSD
30 years of experience

Creating a Digital Platform for PTSD Support
In partnership with PSP F.I.R.S.T.

% of
$11,711 target
Ended 31st December 2021
Canada’s Public Safety Personnel which include all first responders, military servicemen and women, and healthcare professionals are primarily employed to preserve and protect the lives of society. These people go to work each day putting their lives and emotional well being at risk. The current emotional wellbeing of our service people is in disarray and easily accessible support is limited.   DTECH is in the process of developing a website and app. This digital platform will host The Detachment Technique training, equipping the users with a skill set to process the impacts of shock and trauma. Bringing awareness to the complexities of PTSD promotes wellness and resiliency. Other holistic wellness tools will be incorporated by collaborating partners to compliment this technique.   This digital platform will ensure that our Protectors are able to maintain optimal performance levels in their work but also in their daily lives.