Nutrition for children´s development

55,000 breakfasts annually
120 families benefited

nurturing the child of today is developing the adult of tomorrow./Nutrir el niño de hoy es desarrollar el adulto del mañana.
In partnership with HOPE WORLDWIDE MEXICO IAP;

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 10th December 2021
Improve the malnutrition of 250 children by promoting healthy eating habits avoiding some type of anemia. Mejorar la desnutrición de 250 niños, niñas promoviendo hábitos alimenticios sanos evitando algún tipo de anemia. We improve the optimal development of boys and girls so that they can have better school performance. Mejoramos el desarrollo optimo de los niños y niñas para que puedan tener un mejor rendimiento escolar. Because nutrition makes a difference in the development of children avoiding chronic non-communicable diseases. Porque la nutrición hace la diferencia en el desarrollo de los niños y niñas evitando enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles. With this project we intend to give them comprehensive health and nutrition care that allows them to achieve better biopsychosocial development. 5000 families from the community will be served, helping to improve their quality of life. Help them to have comprehensive care and contribute to improving their quality of life.