Fruits & Vegetables Project

Supporting Children
Global Health

Because every child deserves a healthy future.
In partnership with Viktor Vitamientje

% of
$13,800 target
Ended 13th December 2021
Although the Netherlands belong to the richest countries in the world, poverty is a growing problem because of debts. In port city Rotterdam at least 20% of the children are living in poverty. Because fruits and vegetables are expensive, these children don’t get many vitamins. This is bad for their health, now and in the future. Children from poor families are, for example, twice as likely to be overweight because of poor nutrition. Viktor Vitamientje Foundation currently provides around 150 poor Rotterdam families with weekly fruits & vegetables. Due to the corona crisis, applications are rising. So, we want to raise funds for at least 35 more families in 2022. Impact on children and parents: -At least one year weekly guaranteed of fruits and vegetables. -Reduces stress because of more financial room. -Encouragement to switch to a healthy eating pattern. -Better health, being ill less often. -Loosing weight.