Bees for Mexico

sustainable project

Sustainable Beekeeping Project
In partnership with Mano Sobre Mano Mujeres Floreciendo

% of
$4,200 target
Ended 29th October 2020
Bees for Mexico, is an empowering social project for local rural farmers to learn beekeeping skills. Not only do these skills promote self-sustainability and the opportunity to create a varied, healthy agricultural community, but it also helps preserve the endemic ecosystems. The funds raised will purchase beehives and corresponding queen bees, protective suits, equipment, seeds and flora for local farmers to support them creating their own business. The farmers are currently receiving professional training in beekeeping and agroforestry techniques using loaned equipment. The income earned from the honey and derived products will help farmers to promote the economy in their own communities offering them a true opportunity to overcome poverty, violence and migration.