House of the Moon

Anti-Human Trafficking

Indigenous Women+Girls Empowerment & Self-Defense
In partnership with Native American Educational Technologies Inc

% of
$7,700 target
Ended 03rd November 2020
House of Moon trains Indigenous women in holistic Empowerment and Self-Defense. The training program is a direct response to the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) tragedy, led by and for Indigenous women so they can heal, be empowered, and have skills to be better prepared for the vulnerable situations they face all too often, reducing tragic losses. Indigenous women are murdered, raped, and victims of sexual assault, violence, and human trafficking at 10x the rate of other women. Thousands of women and girls are murdered or going missing every year in North America. To begin, 7 Indigenous women from the U.S. & Canada will be trained in Empowerment curricula based in Traditional Indigenous Knowledge, self-care and holistic healing. After completing the 4-month program, they earn certificates to be able to teach in their own communities. In Spring 2021, a full launch will train more Native women and could reach up to 1,200 Indigenous communities.