Mats for Milestones


Promoting mobility in medically fragile infants and children
In partnership with Phoenix Children's Hospital

% of
$1,000 target
Ended 13th December 2020
Infants & children born with heart disease often spend weeks to months in the hospital at the beginning of their lives. They often have delayed gross motor, fine motor, and feeding skills. Early and frequent therapies can help these little ones make important developmental gains. By having playmats in every patient room, they can engage in therapies that look a lot like play. Important brain development happens during tummy time, that is often otherwise missed in this population. When families can engage in therapies on the floor with their child, it creates a sense of normalcy. They are better able to appreciate their gains and celebrate these achievements. Each infants needs a play mat in their room so we can help them work towards these skills as soon as they are medically ready.