Land to Expand Education in Haiti

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Dream Haiti School Esclane-Daniel
In partnership with Dream Haiti, Inc.

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 31st December 2022
In September 2018 we opened our very own school in the community of La Chapelle, School Esclane-Daniel. During our first year we started with three levels of preschool (1, 2 and 3) and now have up to 3rd grade. Our goal has always been to grow into a primary & secondary school as we add new grade levels each year. In 2018, we opened our school to 35 students and hired 6 staff members. During year two our enrollment increased to 65 students. Year three we saw further growth and served 102 students and employed a total of 14 staff members including five teachers, a School Coordinator, teacher assistant, a sports/ recreation teacher, cooks and maintenance staff. In 2021, year four, we have grown to 117 students and 15 staff members. We are now maxing out our current space and need to expand in order to continue serving our student population. Would you join with us during this exciting time as we make room for more children to receive a Christ-centered, high- quality education in Haiti?