Music for the Masses

Serving Children
Music Education

Access for All Children
In partnership with Rise With A Purpose

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 30th June 2021
Music for the Masses (MFTM) provides access to music education for underserved children in Baltimore City, Maryland. The New England Board of Higher Education 2018 study (Tuning In: Six Benefits of Music Education for Kids) found music education enhanced language capabilities, improved memory, strengthened hand-eye coordination, created study habits, fostered teamwork, & heightened mental processing & problem solving. Baltimore City Public schools doesn’t include music classes or music programs. To mitigate this deficit, Rise with a Purpose, Inc.(RISE) will provide an instructional music program for Baltimore City underserved youth & aspiring musicians on the fundamentals of song creation/structure, vocal tones, classical music, dance, & the recording process. Donations will be used for providing an after-school facility, students with instruments and accessories, studio & recording equipment, stipends for teachers, purchase of equipment and technology for virtual instruction.