Helping the Kara Youth to have a better future

fight poverty
empower long-run

Building a Youth Center in Jinka
In partnership with Dynamis e.V.

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 31st August 2022
Some of the last originally living tribes in Africa can be found in the South Omo region. The Mursi, the Hamar + Kara and the Bodi are known worldwide through numerous documentaries among adventure tourists. But like almost all indigenous peoples, the people of South Omo also fight against poverty, racism and disadvantage. Abraham grew up in the village of Jinka. Surrounded by the 15 last indigenous peoples of Ethiopia. WILD, as they are condescendingly called. Abraham found them interesting and wanted to get to know them better. And what began as a mere interest soon became his life's work. Seeing tragedy daily, Abraham and his wife have a vision: Many youth from the tribal villages who go to the city to get a good education slip into alcoholism or crime. The establishment of a "Youth Center" in Jinka will provide a place for youth from remote tribes that offers a safe environment to live, eat and sleep while they attend school. Help us, to help the youth of Ethiopia.