Navajo Strong Garden Box Project

Promoting Health
Serving Navajo Nation

Supporting health and sustainability for the Navajo Nation
In partnership with Navajo Strong

% of
$4,050 target
Ended 22nd July 2022
Health disparity in the Navajo Nation is a longstanding issue. Forty-three percent of the population lives below the poverty rate. Approximately 30% of homes in the Navajo Nation are lacking electricity or running water. The harsh environment and contamination from uranium mining make growing crops very challenging. Join us in partnering with Navajo Strong and doTERRA Healing Hands to raise funds for the installation of garden boxes and rainwater collection barrels to seniors and families in Monument Valley. For many in the Navajo Nation, grocery stores are hours away. Produce is often costly and hard to store without refrigeration. These garden boxes will allow families to grow and harvest a portion of their own food, increasing sustainability and wellness. Help us raise the funds to support the Navajo Nation by providing garden boxes, soil, plants, and other necessary items to make this happen. Ahéhee!