Mom's House Care Facility


Child Care Facility
In partnership with Mom's House For Children

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 07th January 2021
In rural South Africa, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has left an exorbitant amount of orphaned and vulnerable children without necessary essentials to survive and thrive. We are building Child Care Centers that will facilitate nutritious meals, clean water, clean sanitation, play and learning centers, love, care and support. These facilities also serve as an extension of the clinic in a nearby village that distributes the medication and treatment for HIV positive children. Without these facilities, the children do not receive nutrition or the care they need to thrive and become happy children. This facility will become the center of the community where the children will have a "second home" and a place of safety, security, empowerment, support and love. The children will also have opportunity for skills building, college prep (for the teens), while the smaller children will learn through play. This facility will become the touchstone for these children for years to come. ​