Building an orphanage in Foumban


A new home for 50 children
In partnership with Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Kamerun Ghaame Nji e.V.

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 30th September 2022
The association aims to acquire a piece of land (1450sqm) in Foumban in order to build an orphanage that will house 50 children. The project also includes the installation of a well, which is to be used both by the orphanage and the surrounding neighborhood. The profit obtained from the use is then to be used for the preservation and maintenance of the well. The building plot is located at the entrance of the western Cameroonian city of Foumban and has a sufficient electricity connection. The location of the building site is attractive due to its proximity to a school, a shopping market and a health center, as these facilities can also be easily reached on foot. Under the philosophy “help for self-help”, the life prospects of the people of Cameroon are to be improved sustainably and qualitatively so that they can lead an independent and socially secure life. Current projects of the associations include the construction of a school as well as the construction of four wells.