Empowering Women of Uganda


Providing Hope & Dignity
In partnership with Eagles Foundation Inc.

% of
$5,000 target
Ended 05th November 2020
Life in a 3rd world country is hard enough to begin with. Now imagine being a woman living in Uganda without the proper resources to even take care of her basic needs. Many women have no choice but to miss going to school, church, and the always necessary daily trip to the market for food because of the shame she feels during her menstrual cycle due to the lack of feminine products. By donating you can bless a Uganda woman with the basic hygiene & feminine needs which usually go unmet as she chooses to provide for her family first. When you give the gift of HOPE to someone it can change their destiny and help them maintain their dignity. Our goal is to raise enough money to provide bras, underwear, basic hygiene products and reusable feminine products to at least 200 women in Uganda.