Clean Water for Lankyien

Everyone deserves clean water
Acqua Pulita è un diritto di tutti

Acqua Potabile per Lankyien (Sud Sudan)
In partnership with Sentieri di Pace Sud Sudan/Paths of Peace South Sudan

% of
$8,525 target
Ended 31st January 2023
Let's build together a well for the 5000 people of Lankyien. The region of Jonglei State (South Sudan) is inhabited by the Lou Nuer people, particularly in the Nyirol County, suffers of lack of clean water for human consumption, for animals and for cultivation. During the rainy season, the population use water from the swamps, which gradually, dry up, and the people, especially women, have to walk longer distances to find even a small amount of water necessary for the daily domestic use. Moreover, the water of the swamps is often contaminated and causes a number of water-borne diseases. In recent years, humanitarian organizations have drilled boreholes in the main centers, thus offering precious and clean water to the local population. However, the number of boreholes is insufficient compared to the number of people needing it. Women and girls queue daily for hours to reach the tap and fill their jerricans. The drilling of a borehole will make a huge inpact on this community.