Bringing Holistic Pediatric Palliative Care in the Sacred Valley Peru

Pediatric Palliative Care
Children Holistic Wellness

Help us build two private family rooms to bring comfort to children close to the end of life
In partnership with Casa Khuyana

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 18th February 2023
This project is raising funds to build two of the ten private family rooms at Casa Khuyana, the first pediatric hospice in Sacred Valley, Peru. Each room will have a private entrance, bathroom, clinical bed for the child, a resting area for the family, in a warm homelike environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost. In the provinces of Peru, when doctors determine that the child has a non-curative disease and recommend that they return home to spend their remaining time, often families don't have the minimum resources or comforts necessary to give the children the care they deserve and need. Khuyana means "worthy of love and understanding" in the Quechua language. Our goal is to provide loving professional care, support, companionship to children, with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, and their families. Casa Khuyana's professional team will address the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of each child and their family.