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Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fundraiser
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Ended 31st December 2022
Imagine waking up one day and you’re suddenly deaf. How will you communicate? How will you function at work? You feel completely isolated, alone, and terrified. This is the experience of many cochlear implant recipients who, born deaf, received an implant as infants and have been living in the hearing world. They go to school, work, communicate with friends and family, enjoy TV, music… all the things hearing people do and experience. In their twenties, the external components wear out and need to be updated or replaced. The cost of replacement is rarely covered by insurance. Without their sound processors, the recipients are clinically deaf. JLCIF is the ONLY nonprofit in the United States that helps cochlear implant recipients get back "on air" and $6000 will bring back the gift of hearing to one recipient. Please help us help 5 people hear again and get their lives back!