Facility Management Training


Outdoor maintenance teaching/training experience for Chrysalis residents
In partnership with Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living, Inc.

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The transition from the difficult life of drug and alcohol abuse takes time and persistence. But our women also need structure, mentoring, healthy social events, and even budgeting help. Chrysalis provides a structured, balanced program that empowers women to not just recover, but thrive in a new life. Chrysalis provides resources, information and leadership to the residents to encourage and support their transition back into the community as successful individuals who can live independently, and we'd like that to include outdoor maintenance of their future homes. At our new campus property, there is a lot to do in winter, spring, summer and fall! By providing lawn and garden tools for teaching/training, we will be able to implement a program just for that purpose! What a joy for them to take part in caring for their property now, as well as in their new future! Thank you for helping create this essential learning experience!